Butler Trust Awards 2011/12

Brenda Fraser

HMP & YOI Doncaster

Brenda is the inspiration and driving force behind Families First at HMP&YOI Doncaster. Families First aims to reduce reoffending by helping prisoners to maintain and develop relationships with their partners and children through initiatives, facilitated by fully trained staff, such as toddler mornings, family days and “Daddy Newborn”, in which fathers can spend time with their newborn child in a specially designed room. None of this would have happened without Brenda’s vision and refusal to take “no” for an answer. (This Award is supported by the Barrow Cadbury Trust).

Cat Jones

HMP & YOI Doncaster

Cat is Artistic Director and the creative force behind Second Shot Productions at HMP & YOI Doncaster. Second Shot employ prisoners, ex-offenders and others to deliver a range of professional services from filmmaking and graphic design through to drama therapy and arts projects, both in the prison and for outside customers. Offenders are trained towards an industry recognised qualification and many find related jobs on release, some with Second Shot. Profits from all commercial work are fed back in to the company. (This Award is supported by the Helen Hamlyn Trust).

Mark Danvers, Peter Holdsworth, Steve Lightbody, Trevor Lorking, Stephanie Simpson & Philip Taylor

HMP Gartree

Four Officers, an SO and a Senior Psychologist from HMP Gartree, receive their Award for their work on a specialist 12 bed unit for lifers with particularly challenging behaviours. The unit employs enhanced case management techniques, and specially developed systems of monitoring, compacts and behavioural contracts, to help prisoners improve their behaviours and return to normal location better prepared to progress through the lifer system. Each of the winners has played a significant role in the unit’s success since its launch in early 2010. (This Award is supported by Serco Civil Government).

Janet Lockhart

HMP Kennet

Janet works for Manchester College as a Lecturer at HMP Kennet. Through her efforts she has significantly enhanced the educational provision for prisoners with dyslexia, ADHD and related issues, becoming an expert in assessing and addressing complex learning needs, and working tirelessly to raise awareness of such issues across the prison. She has also developed links with outside agencies to help ensure that prisoners’ needs continue to be met on release and enhance their chances of finding employment. (On behalf of The Bromley Trust, Janet is also awarded the “Keith Bromley Award for Education and Skills Training”).

Phil Raistrick

HMP Leeds

Officer Raistrick wins his Award for his work on the vulnerable prisoner unit, B1, at HMP Leeds. The unit links closely with psychology, education, and the mental health in-reach and safer custody teams. It has had excellent results, helping to reduce self harm and improve prisoners’ coping skills, and equipping most of its residents to return to normal location. B1 was Phil’s idea, he has been the driving force behind it since its inception, and the unit has been identified as an example of good practice by HMCIP. (This Award is supported by Sodexo Justice Services).

Keith Naughton

HMP Liverpool

Officer Naughton has transformed the training and employment opportunities for prisoners at HMP Liverpool. Since his appointment as Employment Liaison Officer, Keith has focused on developing partnership arrangements with local businesses (such as Timpsons, among many others) to train and provide work for offenders within the prison and offer them employment after their release. At the same time, he runs his workshops at a profit, raising additional funds to put back in to the prison regime. (This Award is supported by the Prison Officers Association).

Fawzi T Fawzi

London Probation Trust

Described as a “visionary”, as Head of IT Development at London Probation, Fawzi had the idea for and has overseen the introduction of an IT system which has brought huge improvements in efficiency and effectiveness, enables managers to better manage their staff, allows staff to better manage the offenders in their care, and helps everyone in London Probation to keep informed and up to date. LondonNet complements the national OMNI system and Fawzi is now developing similar systems for other Trusts. (This Award is supported by the Indigo Trust).

Kate Knight

Surrey and Sussex Probation Trust

Kate receives her Award for her outstanding practice a Probation Officer at Surrey and Sussex Probation Trust, as an offender manager and as a champion of good practice and role model and inspiration to her colleagues. Among very many comments in support of her nomination, Kate is described by her manager as “an exceptional member of staff” and  by a former colleague as “without doubt the finest practitioner I have worked with”, while one of former her clients said, “she has turned my life around, she is just amazing”. 

Cathryn Richards

HMP Swansea

Cathryn is Head Pharmacist at Swansea. Against considerable resistance she has turned the pharmacy from one described by HMCIP as “barely legal” in 2005 to a beacon of excellence. She has improved staff training, developed standard operating procedures on all aspects of medication handling, introduced nurse-prescribing of drug detox medication on reception, set up specialist prescribing and overdose prevention services for drug users, increased “in possession” medication rates from 20% to 80%, and improved health outcomes for prisoners. (This Award is supported by G4S Care and Justice Services).

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Commendations 2011/12

Peter Withers

HMP Bristol

SO Withers is commended for his excellent work on secondment from HMP Bristol to the Integrated Offender Management Scheme, which targets prolific offenders in the city.

Bertil Boyles, Stephanie Chick, Piers Harris & Adam Payne

HMP Bullingdon

Officer Boyles, with Stephanie, Piers and Adam from RAPt, are commended for their contributions to tackling alcohol dependency among prisoners at HMP Bullingdon.

Kathleen Fenwick

County Durham Youth Offending Service

Kate is commended for her excellent contribution over 10 years as a passionate, dedicated and highly respected volunteer with County Durham Youth Offending Service.

Peter Jones

HMP & YOI Doncaster

Peter is described as “inspirational” as manager of the substance misuse Counselling Assessment Referral Advice & Throughcare (CARAT) team at HMP&YOI Doncaster.

Karen Morgan

City of Edinburgh Criminal Justice Services

Karen’s Commendation recognises her excellent work in Edinburgh, overseeing the piloting of an early-intervention version of the Drug Treatment & Testing Order there.

Elaine Anthony, Suzie Ingram & Sarah Tyssen

HMP Full Sutton

Nurses Elaine and Suzie, and their colleague Sarah, are granted a Commendation for their work in introducing and overseeing a specialist haemodialysis facility at HMP Full Sutton.

Jemma Jewkes

HMP & YOI Gloucester

Officer Jewkes is commended for her work co-ordinating HMP & YOI Gloucester’s approach to restorative justice, which has been recognised as best practice nationally.

Marianne Bubb-McGhee

HMP & YOI Gloucester

As Healthcare Manager, Marianne Bubb-McGhee has transformed healthcare provision at HMP & YOI Gloucester, through her dedication and commitment to quality.

Scott Boal

HMP Kennet

SO Boal is commended for his work as Safer Custody and Violence Reduction manager at HMP Kennett, which has had a profound effect on the culture of all parts of the prison.

Barry Barrington

HMP Kirkham

Nominated by a prisoner and described by the Governor as “an outstanding man”, Salvation Army member Barry has been a valued part of HMP Kirkham’s chaplaincy for over 20 years.

Mike Crowther, Bob Orange, Susan Ratcliffe & Charley Wilkinson

Lancashire Probation Trust

Mike, Bob, Susan and Charley are a multidisciplinary group commended for their contributions to developing services for women vulnerable to offending in the Blackpool area. (This Commendation is supported by the Wates Foundation).

Teri Walker

HMP Leyhill

Teri, from the charity RECOOP, is granted a Commendation for her work on behalf of older prisoners at HMP Leyhill which is fully integrated with all aspects of the regime.

Paul Moloney

HMP Liverpool

Paul, from Manchester City College, set up Walton Radio at HMP Liverpool, providing a valuable communication tool for the prison and training opportunity for prisoners.

Harry Rose

HMP Manchester

Officer Rose is described as a “remarkable individual” whose professionalism and dedication has made a real difference to the management and care of offenders at HMP Manchester.

Emma Milne

HMP Morton Hall

SO Milne is described as “an outstanding manager” who in a range of roles has had a real impact HMP Morton Hall through her creativity and unwavering commitment to decency.

Clive Sumpter

HMP Preston

SO Sumpter is commended for his contribution, as head of the Reintegration Unit, to the management and care of prisoners at HMP Preston with especially challenging behaviours.

Patricia Haren, Mary Lemon, Sile McLean & Jean O’Neill

Probation Board for Northern Ireland

Patricia, Mary, Sile and Jean are a multidisciplinary group commended for their pivotal roles in the development and delivery of services for women offenders in N. Ireland. (This Commendation is supported by the Wates Foundation).

Maureen Ritchie

HMP Shotts

Maureen is granted a Commendation for her “exceptional service”, from landing officer to senior manager, over more than 30 years in the Scottish Prison Service.

Austin Smith

HMP Swansea

Officer Smith is commended for his professionalism and dedication, first as Safer Custody administrator and now as Restorative Justice Co-ordinator at HMP Swansea.

Jacqueline Brocklebank & Rita Evans

HMYOI Swinfen Hall

Rita and Jacqueline, volunteers with the Mothers Union, have developed and deliver services helping young fathers at HMYOI Swinfen Hall maintain relationships with their children.

Tariq Mahmood

HMP Whitemoor

Tariq is Co-ordinating Chaplain at HMP Whitemoor and is commended for his work on behalf of prisoners of all faiths in the prison, in an extremely demanding environment.

Joyce Thompson

Woodlands Juvenile Justice Centre

Joyce is commended for her dedication to improving the knowledge and skills of staff at Woodlands Juvenile Justice Centre, in her role as Training and Development Manager.

Jackie Armitage, Ian Cunningham, Amy Fenwick & Ed Gray

York & North Yorkshire Probation Trust

Jackie, Ian, Amy and Ed are a multidisciplinary group commended for their work on the TAAGY programme, which delivers a rapid response to tackle graffiti in the city of York.

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Awards 2010/11

Michael Ingram and George McGhee

HMP Barlinnie

Michael and George are Catering Managers at Barlinnie. Against much resistance, Michael has brought in healthier meal options and a traffic light system of labelling, which have now been rolled out across the Scottish Prison Service, while George has introduced an accredited training course for prisoners on nutrition. As a result of their efforts, complaints are down, costs have been controlled and the prison has won a healthy eating award. (On behalf of The Bromley Trust, Michael and George are also jointly awarded the “Keith Bromley Award for education and skills training”).

Tony Meechan

HMP Bristol

As Head of the Integrated Drug Treatment System at Bristol, Tony has transformed the management and care of prisoners with substance misuse problems there, through his enthusiasm, inspirational leadership and proactive and collegiate approach. Critically, Tony has built strong collaborative relationships with outside agencies and secured considerable additional funding to support this work. (This Award is sponsored by Reliance Secure Task Management).

Andrew Wilkie

HMP Brixton

Andrew set up Electric Radio Brixton in 2007, on a tiny budget, overcoming major technological and editorial challenges on the way. The station has won five Sony Radio Academy Awards and is at the heart of the National Prison Radio Service which Andrew now heads. It has a strong educational component in its programming, and prisoners involved in the station can work towards an industry recognised qualification in radio production.

Victoria Meanwell, Cheryl Thomas & Claire Waidson

HMP/YOI Bullwood Hall

Victoria, Cheryl and Claire are a multi-disciplinary group who developed the “Bullwood Befrienders” peer support programme which draws on the Listener schemes in place elsewhere but is tailored to the specific needs and challenges of the foreign national population of the prison. The scheme has been well received by staff and prisoners, and contributed to a significant reduction in self harm in the establishment. (This Award is sponsored by the Prison Officers Association).

Maria Esposito

HMP/YOI Downview

Maria, from Media for Development, works tirelessly and with skill and creativity, drawing on her background in radio and TV, to give women at Downview an opportunity to learn new skills, build self esteem and develop real job opportunities through the media. She has introduced a thriving BTEC course in media production, and developed the Media House and Time TV station in to vibrant enterprises at the heart of the prison. (This Award is sponsored by The Wates Foundation).

Dr Lynne Daly, Craig Harris, Chris Martin & Matt Paterson

Greater Manchester Probation Trust

Chris from Greater Manchester Probation and Matt, Craig and Lynne from the local NHS have each played a key role in the development and delivery of an initiative providing high level support and care to offenders with mental health problems in the Manchester area. Each has shown real commitment and professionalism to ensure that this very challenging and needy group get the highest quality care available.

Theodore Lindezey, Tony Ridgeway, Tracy Stanley & Wayne Wright

Greater Manchester Probation Trust

Wayne, Tracy, Theodore and Tony form the heart of the Greater Manchester Intensive Alternative to Custody pilot project. Targeting 18-25 year old males who would otherwise face a short custodial sentence, the project brings together a wide range of agencies, using creative approaches to achieving positive change and supporting young men into training, apprenticeships and employment. (This Award is sponsored by G4S Care & Justice Services)

Margaret Bruno

Lancashire Probation Trust

Nominated principally for her work with high risk offenders with a mental illness, Maggie is a highly skilled, professional and caring Probation Officer whose work is described as “a model of good practice in public protection”. She is driven by the belief that, given the opportunity, “anyone can change, no matter how dreadful their past” and strives to make sure that everyone in her care, however challenging, gets the support they need.

Trevor Barr

HMP Magilligan

Trevor is a Senior Officer with a wide ranging history of achievement throughout his career in the Northern Ireland Prison Service. He is a highly professional officer who has given his all in every position he has held. His noteworthy achievements include developing a high quality multi-agency approach to tackling drug misuse at Magilligan and introducing restorative practices in managing challenging behaviour and developing victim empathy.

Fiona Williams

Oakhill Secure Training Centre

As Director of Education at Oakhill STC, Fiona has turned around a failing education department in to one now recognised by Ofsted as “outstanding”. The students’ attendance, attainment and behaviour have all improved markedly, and staff report the department a happier place to work. Fiona has achieved all this through her dedication, passion and creativity, and her inspirational style. (This Award is sponsored by the Helen Hamlyn Trust)

Lisa Tattersall

Surrey and Sussex Probation Trust

Lisa, an Administrator with Surrey and Sussex Probation, has developed a computerised system to support the supervision and review of offenders. Her approach has led to dramatic improvements in the timeliness of reports and compliance with national standards on case management and supervision, while also generating significant cost savings. The system is now being rolled out in neighbouring Probation Trusts too. (This Award is sponsored by the Indigo Trust).

Jacqui Saradjian

HMP Whitemoor

Jacqui is Clinical Director on the Fens Unit for personality-disordered offenders at HMP Whitemoor. Her commitment to the possibility of change with a group of offenders normally considered intractable, combined with her skill and creativity as a clinician and leader, have put the Unit and the approach she has pioneered there at the forefront of this area of work. Her nomination was described by her governor as “the strongest I have ever seen”. (This Award is sponsored by Dept of Health, Offender Health).

Alice Chapman

Youth Justice Agency of Northern Ireland

Alice developed and manages Northern Ireland’s Youth Conference Service, based on the principles of restorative justice. Her dedication and inspirational leadership helped drive the programme forward in the face of widespread resistance. The Service is now fully embedded within youth justice in Northern Ireland, and almost 10,000 offenders and their victims have benefited from it since its launch in 2003.

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Commendations 2010/11

Suzanne Beard

HMP Birmingham

Suzanne, the curriculum leader at HMP Birmingham, has spearheaded the piloting of the updated version of the national “Family Man” programme with the offenders there, in partnership with “Safe Ground”. Through her commitment to excellence, she has achieved national recognition for the way the new course has been implemented there.

Dan Grant and Danny McCarthy

HMP/YOI Bronzefield

Dan and Danny are IT specialists who have played a key role in the development and implementation of a computerised “kiosk” system at Bronzefield. The system allows prisoners to submit their “canteen” order, check their balances, top up their phone credits, book visits, submit menu preferences and check their timetables and appointments.

Karen Miller

Cambs & Peterborough Probation Trust

Karen is a Complex Cases Service Officer with Cambs & Peterborough Probation. She has developed an expertise in working with offenders with personality disorders and her approach has helped offenders to comply with their community orders, and led to notable reductions in offending, court hearings and pressure on emergency services.

Gill Eshelby

County Durham Youth Offending Service

As Head of County Durham YOS, Gill has developed and driven forward a Pre-Reprimand disposal scheme, in partnership with Durham Police, to divert young people from the youth justice system and help reduce reoffending. The scheme has achieved a reduction of almost 50% in first time entrants to the criminal justice system.

The Revd Canon Dr David Peacock

Cumbria Probation Trust

David is the founding Chair of the Cumbria Reducing Offending Partnership Trust (CROPT) and has fostered relationships between faith communities and statutory agencies to extend provision of offender services to communities which would otherwise be inaccessible to the Cumbria Probation Trust.

Rima Bascombe

Dorset Probation Trust

Rima is an Education, Training and Employment Officer who is Commended for the dedication and creativity she has shown in helping to ensure equality of access to learning and skills training for all offenders under the supervision of Dorset Probation Trust, including traditionally “hard to reach” groups.

Emma Gibbon, Tracy Smith, Gillian Thompson & Rachel Tones

HMP Durham

Emma, Tracy, Gillian and Rachel are Healthcare Administrators who have helped to develop systems similar to those in community Primary Care to support clinicians in delivering high quality patient-focused care. Their work has led to dramatic improvements in the quality of healthcare for prisoners at HMP Durham.

Sylvia Nutt

HMP Grendon

Sylvia is a Chaplaincy Volunteer who has been visiting and supporting prisoners at HMP Grendon for almost fifteen years. Her nomination is supported by some of the many prisoners whose lives she has touched, with one writing: “lady you’re amazing” and another explaining, “what she does makes people feel wanted, worthy and cared for”.

Barry Turner and Chrissy Turner

HMP High Down

Barry and Chrissy, from the charity Time for Families, receive a Commendation for their excellent work as trainers on the “Building Stronger Families” programme at HMPs High Down, Downview and Brixton. The course teaches relationship skills to prisoners and their partners, to help develop and maintain positive family ties.

Steve Bahn

Humberside Probation Trust

Steve is a Probation Services Officer who has turned around the Senior Attendance Centre (SAC) in Hull, leading to an eightfold increase in attendance, a significant reduction in breaches and a marked improvement in the quality of activities presented, which in turn have increased the confidence of sentencers in using the SAC for young adults.

Elizabeth Bywater and Tania Tancred

Kent Probation Trust

Tania, a Psychologist, and Liz, a Probation Officer, have played key roles in helping to develop and roll-out an offending behaviour programme for sexual offenders with an IQ below 80. This is an important innovation because mainstream sex offender programmes are unsuitable for offenders with this level of intellectual functioning.

Jane Wignall and Andrew Winters

Lancashire Youth Offending Team

Jane and Andrew from Lancashire YOT developed an arts and creative writing progamme aimed at engaging young offenders and developing self awareness, which has since led to a widely-praised publication and series of short films, including one on knife crime, now used as resources to help to engage with other young people and divert them from offending.

Delphine Duff

London Probation Trust

Delphine is London Probation’s Equalities and Community Engagement Officer and has been praised as an outstanding practitioner and dedicated professional in a wide range of roles since 1987, in particular for her contribution to helping to tackle guns and gang crime, for which she has gained widespread recognition at home and abroad.

Nigel Hosking

London Probation Trust

A Senior Probation Officer, Nigel developed the Structured Supervision Programme to help address the behaviour of offenders for whom more traditional, group work approaches are not suitable because of language problems, mental health issues or learning disabilities. The programme is now widely used across London.

Sara Robinson

London Probation Trust

Sara is an Assistant Chief Probation Officer who has demonstrated outstanding management skills in taking on a failing probation unit in one of the most challenging London boroughs and turning it into one which, according to a recent audit, is now functioning at above the national average.

Joyce Thom

HMP Manchester

Joyce is a Tutor at HMP Manchester who has worked tirelessly over a number of years to engage and support prisoners in distance learning programmes and to help them achieve their full potential. Her professionalism and infectious enthusiasm has been inspirational to colleagues and offenders at Manchester and across the North West.

Shaun Collins

HMP Morton Hall

Shaun is a Prison Officer with responsibility for race equality at Morton Hall. Described as “an outstanding officer”, Shaun has shown dedication, creativity and considerable skill and sensitivity in helping the prison to achieve the highest standards in the areas of diversity and race equality, as recognised by the IMB and demonstrated in a recent audit.

Susan Handley-Greaves

HMP Morton Hall

Susan is a Senior Officer who, as Foreign National Officer at Morton Hall has, through her drive and creativity, helped to significantly improve the management and care of foreign national women throughout the prison, in an establishment which caters for offenders from more than 50 nationalities.

John Bayley

HMYOI Portland

John, from NACRO, manages a volunteer mentoring programme for young men at Portland which he first introduced in 1999 and which, as a result of his ongoing involvement and passion, has thrived over the last decade and now offers high quality mentoring and support to young offenders from Dorset, Hampshire and South London.

Carl Bailey and Edward James Tarry


Carl, a governor grade, and Edward, an industrial officer, at Styal have between them driven forward the complete transformation of the farms and gardens at the prison, and dramatically improved the establishment’s record on recycling – contributing significantly to the greening and sustainability agenda.

Caroline Beeston, Ian Fergusson, David Hardwick & Karen Shaw

HMP Whatton

Caroline and Ian from Whatton, Dave, a volunteer, and Karen from the local NHS have all played key roles in the development and implementation of high quality care for prisoners with a terminal illness, based on best practice in palliative healthcare and a compassionate and humane approach to offenders and their families.

Awards 2009/10

Moira Andrew, Rory Macrae & Monica Wilson

Edinburgh CJSW

Moira & Rory from Edinburgh CJSW and Monica from CHANGE Ltd developed the Caledonian System for tackling domestic violence and safeguarding families. After several years in development it has achieved accreditation by the Scottish Offender Programme Accreditation Panel and parts of the programme are also being piloted by NOMS as part of their approach to this issue.

Susan Donaldson, Kerry Knox, Robert McIntyre, Alan Montgomery, Ann Munro & Kerry Watson

HMP Edinburgh

The six award winners have all made a significant contribution to the visitors centre at Edinburgh, which is managed and run by the Salvation Army in partnership with a number of other agencies, and provides access to an outstanding range of high quality services to meet the needs of prisoners’ families and help maintain strong family relationships.

Nick Wood

HMP Everthorpe

Nick, a prison officer at Everthorpe and himself a former member of the armed forces, has developed a wide range of services, in partnership with a range of external agencies, to support and meet the needs of prisoners who are veterans of the armed services. He has now been asked to contribute to NOMS’ approach at a national level to this issue. Nick is the recipient of the inaugural HRH The Princess Royal’s Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Work in Correctional Settings.

Carl Clements

HMYOI Feltham

Carl, a prison officer at Feltham, has on his own initiative, and largely in his own time, developed short courses aimed at helping to improve resettlement and reduce reoffending among this highly challenging and high turnover population, which is traditionally seen as too transient to work with in this way.

Andrew Woodley

HMP Grendon / Spring Hill

Andrew is Head of Learning & Skills at Grendon and Spring Hill and has overhauled the provision of training and education opportunities for offenders in both establishments. His Governor notes that “he has led a transformation in resettlement and Learning and Skills provision” and that his achievements have been recognised by HMCIP, the Adult Learning Inspectorate and Ofsted.

Howard Cohn, Michelle Gill & Evan Jones

Kent Probation Area

The CAFÉ project within the Kent Probation, takes an innovative approach to working with offenders and their families to reduce reoffending and prevent intergenerational crime. Howard commissioned the project and has driven it forward together with Evan and Michelle from St Giles Trust, who developed and manage the programme, respectively.

Kevin Blackshaw, Peter Jacques, Martin Oates & Richard Parker

HMP Lowdham Grange

At Lowdham Grange prisoners are able to access an in-cell IT network to allow them to follow a range of training and education courses in their own time. Martin and Kevin drove this innovative project forward which Peter helped to develop and Richard manages. NOMS is now planning to implement similar schemes across the country and their work has been widely praised.

Tom Woods

HMP Magilligan

Tom is Governor at HMP Magilligan. He is credited with turning the prison around and developing a constructive and humane regime with a particular focus on the provision of high quality educational and training opportunities for prisoners. He has been widely praised across the Northern Ireland Prison Service and secured the support of staff against significant original scepticism.

Judi Apiafi, Carol Asbury, Lynda Brotherhood, Owain Jenkins, Kate Walters

Nottinghamshire Probation Area

The five award winners from the Positive Action through Learning Support Team in the Nottinghamshire Probation, have developed and run high quality education and training for offenders across the region, with a particular focus on basic education and life skills training. They take a creative approach to their work which has been praised by OFSTED.

Georgina Day, Karen Moorcroft, Beth Myring, Dawn Potter & Linda Robertson

HMP & YOI Styal

The six award winners, from the charity Action for Children, run the Mother and Baby Support Unit at HMP Styal which is widely recognised as a centre for excellence in this area, including by HMCIP and the Race Equality Advisory Group, in particular for the unit’s sensitive, supportive and individualised approach and the high quality services provided.

Dave Asker

HMP Wandsworth

A former PEI, as Head of Learning & Skills at Wandsworth Dave Asker has overseen a complete overhaul of the training and education opportunities there which has been recognised by HMCIP and his Governor says, “his contribution to the cultural change at Wandsworth has probably been greater than any other single individual’. Dave is also awarded the Keith Bromley Award for Education and Skills Training, on behalf of The Bromley Trust.

Commendations 2009/10

Paul Dyer and Marvin Thompson

HMP & YOI Brinsford

Paul and Martin lead the team in the Intervention and Assessment Unit (IAU) at Brinsford, which delivers an exceptionally high standard of care to particularly difficult and disruptive offenders. The team have an excellent record of addressing their needs and enabling them to return to normal location at the earliest possibility.

Adriane Bof

HMP Bristol

Adriane receives her Commendation for her outstanding work at HMP Bristol in developing a comprehensive package of training and support services focusing on developing and maintaining relationships between offenders and their families, and the prison is now recognised as a centre for excellence in this area of work.

Rachael El Weshahi, Anne Hanley & Stuart Jenkins

HMP Buckley Hall

Stuart and Anne from Buckley Hall and Rachael from SureStart have introduced a range of family-focused play activities and support services to the visits centre to enhance the visiting experience and help develop and maintain strong family relations. Their efforts have been recognised at regional and national level.

Paul Marsh

HMP Canterbury

Paul, the Head of Reducing Re-offending at HMP Canterbury who is described in his nomination as “an extraordinary individual”, has demonstrated creativity, commitment and passion to create a unique network of external organisations to help meet the needs of foreign national prisoners in an establishment containing as many as 69 different nationalities.

Joseph Belso

HMP Channings Wood

Joseph, a senior officer at HMP Channings Wood, has demonstrated a high level of dedication and professionalism in developing strong links with community organisations, charities and voluntary sector agencies to promote resettlement work within the establishment – together with the skill and determination to embed them within the establishment culture.

Carolynne Maddock

Cheshire Probation Area

As Cheshire volunteer mentor co-ordinator, Carolynne has recruited more than 120 volunteers from a diverse range of sources and communities, and expanded the scheme to include working with long sentence prisoners nearing release from HMP Risley, attending court with offenders, and supporting those on accredited programmes.

Debbie Millar

HMP Eastwood Park

Debbie is the Integrated Drug Treatment Manager at Eastwood Park where she has introduced a unique initiative to help reduce the risk of overdose, supplying women drug users with a naloxone anti-overdose pack and the training in how to use it, before they are released back in to the community.

Kim Neasham

HMP Frankland

Kim, an education lecturer at Frankland, has worked tirelessly and overcome a range of hurdles, to introduce a comprehensive arts education programme for prisoners, leading to accredited qualifications from entry level right up to a Foundation Degree in Fine Arts at the prison, the first prison in the high security estate to do so.

Sarah Gibson

HMP Grendon

Sarah, a principal officer at HMP Grendon, has been the driving force behind the implementation of a number of important initiatives in the establishment – including taking the lead on planning and developing the Offender Management Unit in the establishment which has dramatically enhanced resettlement arrangements for all prisoners leaving Grendon.

Shakeel Meer, Tim Murray & Gary Wilson

HMP Leeds

Shakeel, Gary and Tim take an innovative approach to diversity, they have introduced a number of initiatives at HMP Leeds that have contributed to the care and welfare of both staff and prisoners. The team have been recognised both within the Yorkshire and Humberside area and the wider prison service as innovators and developers of best practice in their field.

Charlotte Talbott and Carrie Peters

Leicestershire and Rutland Probation Trust

Carrie and Charlotte have been the driving forces behind Leicestershire and Rutland’s approach to drug using offenders in which each offender is allocated a key worker who remains with them throughout and a comprehensive range of support services is provided by a broad partnership of agencies. Their approach is now widely recognised as an example of good practice.

Dermot Brady and Christine Noon

London Probation Area

Christine from London Probation has developed a 1-to-1 domestic abuse manual to meet the needs of offenders unsuitable for the nationally-accredited group-based programme and her colleague Dermot has been at the forefront of introducing “Caring Dads” into the UK, a programme aimed at helping abusive fathers to improve their relationships with their children.

Vikki Baker and Sandra Oluonye

Merseyside Probation Trust

Sandra and Vikki have been the driving forces behind the Resettle Programme in Merseyside – an innovative, multi-agency initiative providing intensive, high quality support and supervision for Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder prisoners released in to the community. The programme is achieving extremely high compliance ratings and has been widely praised.

Stuart Dodd, Peter Hughes & Carolyn Williams

Merseyside Probation Area

Peter, from Merseyside Probation together with Stuart and Carolyn of Knowlsey PCT have been at the forefront in the development and delivery of this innovative programme providing a high quality multi-agency comprehensive mental and physical health screening and onward referral service to offenders in the community.

Janet Holmes

Northern Ireland Prison Service HQ

Janet is the staff welfare officer in the Northern Ireland Prison Service. Since taking on the role in 2003 she has worked tirelessly and with skill and sensitivity to support staff in a wide range of welfare issues. She has played a key role in helping staff and their families face the unique and sometimes dangerous challenges of working in this environment.

Steve Gilbert

Northumbria Probation Trust

Steve Gilbert received his Commendation for his outstanding achievement as manager of Newcastle’s Reducing Reoffending Team – where his dedication, enthusiasm, skill and creativity, together with his commitment to partnership working, are credited with achieving substantial impacts on reoffending rates locally.

Steve Ray

North Wales Probation Area

Steve receives his Commendation for his outstanding service to probation over 21 years, including most recently as Assistant Chief Probation Officer in North Wales – “commitment, innovation and a passion for transforming the lives of offenders, victims and the community” are described as the hallmarks of Steve’s approach.

Danny Kruger and Emma Kruger

HMP Pentonville

Only Connect works with prisoners, ex-offenders and young people at risk of crime and exclusion using theatre, music and film, in prisons, including HMP Pentonville, and schools. Danny and Emma Kruger are the originators and driving force behind this creative approach to offenders and their achievements have been widely praised.

Susan Fraser

HMP & YOI Perth

Sue, a practitioner nurse at HMP Perth, has developed a model of therapy for prisoners diagnosed with blood borne viruses. She is a key contributor to the Scottish Prison Service’s Hepatitis C Action Plan and her work has been widely recognised amongst the wider health care community as an example of best practice.

Eileen McCourt

Probation Board for Northern Ireland

Eileen receives her Commendation for her role as an art therapist over 22 years with the Probation Board of Northern Ireland (PBNI), and in particular for the way in which she has used her skills and experience to engage and help manage some of the most difficult and disturbed individuals under PBNI supervision.

Margaret Fairbrother

Sussex Probation Area

Margaret was nominated by a member of the local Police Force and receives her award for her dedication and skill in her work with the Probation Service over more than 20 years, and in particular for her achievements in six years as an SPO in Crawley in building a well motivated staff team working in close partnership with other agencies.

Patricia Chatwin and Margaret Ditchburn

West Midlands Probation Area

Patricia and Margaret have developed an expanding range of workbooks focusing on different issues to help address offenders’ needs. The workbooks are designed to be worked through in a structured way by offenders themselves guided by offender managers – and this innovative approach has received considerable interest from prisons and other probation areas.

Robert Ashby, Steven betts, Stephen Bielby, Jamie Lumsden & Andrew Mountain

HMYOI Wetherby

The Commendees have set up the Keppell Guitar project which is bringing music to the most vulnerable young people at Wetherby. Boys who in the past would not be involved in any activities now play music in front of others, including their families. The project has shown positive results in the improved behaviour of the young people on the unit.

Awards 2008/09

David McAlley

HMP Altcourse

David McAlley developed a drama programme, prison radio station and prisoner magazine at HMP Altcourse – first on a voluntary basis, now in a paid full time position – and the way he has involved prisoners’ families in this is a particular strength. According to one offender, in support of his nomination, “[Dave’s work] has given me back my self respect and developed my confidence”.

The Prince’s Trust Team

HMP & YOI Ashfield

The work of the Prince’s Trust is well regarded and established as a national model. The work within Ashfield is no exception but what marks this team out is their success in linking with other projects in the community, and their unstinting commitment to the offenders they work with.

Muhammad Abrahams

HMP Belmarsh

As the Imam at HMP Belmarsh, Muhammad has been instrumental in enhancing faith provision for Islamic prisoners while robustly challenging radical views. He has developed staff knowledge of Islamic beliefs and takes an active role on the Diversity and Equality Committee while providing policy advice and guidance nationally.

Claudia Sturt

HMP Belmarsh

Claudia Sturt is an outstanding prison Governor. Her award is in recognition of the changes she has implemented at HMP Belmarsh which have ensured an ethos of decency and respect among staff and prisoners while fostering a positive regime in a complex establishment. Claudia has the full support of her management team who pay testimony to her style and ability to get the best out of people at all levels.

The Children’s Team

HMP Blakenhurst (Now merged with HMP Hewell)

The Children’s Team at HMP Hewell have developed an approach to supporting the children and families of prisoners which provides a role model for others. Their creativity and the warmth of their interpersonal style help minimise the distress of visiting a loved one in prison and make a real contribution to helping prisoners to maintain constructive family ties.

Christine Lewis

HMP Channings Wood

Christine has, largely in her own time, created two national directories of offending behaviour programmes and work skill courses across the prison estate. These greatly facilitate the appropriate allocation of prisoners to allow their treatment & training needs to be addressed, and are now widely used across England & Wales.

Cumbria Scafell Project Team

Cumbria Probation Area

This creative and high quality interpretation of national policy – which has been recognised by the Prime Minister – involves a multi-agency partnership providing intensive supervision and support for the most prolific offenders. And early indications suggest a significant impact on offending.

Sandra Gibson

HMP & YOI Foston Hall

Sandra Gibson’s work as a Senior Officer in promoting safer custody is not unique but her dedication and ability to identify those needing help make her stand out above others. To quote from her nomination, “[Sandra’s] dedication and commitment are exceptional as she does what she does without judgment or criticism and never expects anything back.”

Moosa Gora

HMP Full Sutton

Moosa is the co-ordinating Imam at HMP Full Sutton and a widely respected member of the Chaplaincy and prison management team. Moosa has worked tirelessly to promote religious tolerance and understanding. He is a pro-active and energetic man who is able to balance pastoral and management responsibilities and his work is at the leading edge of tackling extremist views and radicalisation among Muslim prisoners.

Manchester Multi Agency Gang Strategy (MMAGS)

Greater Manchester Probation Area

The Manchester Multi Agency Gang Strategy brings together a range of agencies – including police, probation and others – working closely together with offenders focusing on tackling gun and gang crime among the 13-25 age group, and have achieved a number of notable successes.

National Probation Service Health Trainers

Hampshire Probation Area

The Health Trainer Scheme in Hampshire is a partnership between probation and four Primary Care Trusts. Uniquely it employs and trains ex-offenders as part of the wider community health team to provide health advice to offenders and other vulnerable groups.

Evelyn Davis

HMP/YOI Holloway

Evelyn has worked at HMP Holloway for twenty years covering all areas of the establishment. Described as an inspiring and motivating officer by her peers, she has gained much respect from both prisoners and staff. An officer who gives that little bit extra, she can be relied on in any situation proving her to be an excellent role model and colleague for all.

Janet Mason

Sussex Probation Trust

Janet Mason has dedicated her life to working with offenders. Her award is for her on-going, long-standing commitment to excellence in working with the local Public Protection Team, where she specialises in working with and supporting lifers and long-term prisoners.

Psychology and Programmes Unit (PPU)

HMP Littlehey

The Psychology team at HMP Littlehey have developed two examples of work being taken forward to the national stage. The Enhanced Thinking Skills database and the sex offenders deniers strategy have been developed by a team that is highly regarded and respected both at Littlehey and nationally.

Angus Cameron

London Probation Area

Angus has worked for London Probation for over 30 years. His award is for his work in leading the commissioning, development and contracting of mental health services for offenders in partnership with other agencies. He was nominated by one of the partner agencies for the outstanding commitment he shows and the quality of his work on behalf of this vulnerable group.

Paul Fogg

HMP Manchester

Paul Fogg has helped shape the development of the drug free unit at HMP Manchester through his dedication and through sharing the understanding he has acquired through his Buddhist faith. His motivation for investing his own time and effort is simply a desire to help his fellow man. His unique style goes beyond what is orthodox and established practice.

Sefton Tower Prolific and Priority Offender Team

Merseyside Probation Trust

The Sefton Tower Prolific and other Priory Offender Team targets the 60 most prolific offenders in the local community, bringing together a multi-agency team to provide intensive support and supervision to address their needs and tackle their offending behaviour. This is an innovative scheme with promising early results.

Prison Service Protection Scheme

NIPS College

The Prison Service Protection Team in Northern Ireland are a hard working, dedicated team of staff who over a number of years have installed protection systems in homes of staff serving in the Northern Ireland Prison Service. The devotion of the team goes beyond the call of duty in demanding and sometimes dangerous situations.

Tom Logue

Northern Ireland Prison Service HQ

Tom Logue has consistently demonstrated great leadership in managing the Prisoner Escort and Court Custody Service within the Northern Ireland Prison Service. His work and attention to detail has ensured a smooth handover from the outside contractor to NIPS. As a result, significant savings have been made and used in other areas of the service, improving overall security.

Peter Beeston

HMP Ranby

Pete Beeston devotes himself to many causes both professional and charitable and is a true inspiration to the NVQ team at HMP Ranby. Pete has a natural ability to bring the best out of people and works effortlessly for the benefit of prisoners and local communities.

Training Standards Team

Scottish Prison Service College

The training standards team based at SPS College, Polmont have made a significant, tangible and sustained difference to the Scottish Prison Service through introducing a robust quality assurance process and a systematic approach to training and development priorities across the organisation.

Steve Hall


Steve Hall is a passionate and creative Governor who, through his hard work, clear vision and inspiring leadership has helped to turn HMP/YOI Styal around and developed it into a prison providing a supportive and constructive regime for both offenders and staff.

Janet Robinson

Lancashire Probation Area

After 35 years in the Probation Service, Janet Robinson was nominated by Judges from Preston Crown Court for her extraordinary work as a Court Liaison Probation Officer over the last 14 years.

Craig Halligan

HMP Wakefield

Craig has led the way in ground breaking work to support gay offenders and staff at HMP Wakefield which he undertakes in addition to his full time role as an Offender Supervisor. His role as GALIPS coordinator has earned him a nationally recognised award from the staff support group and his work is unique throughout the High Security estate.

In-Patient Mental Health Unit (Addison Unit)

HMP Wandsworth

The Mental Health Team at Wandsworth operate a 12 bed in-patient unit housing unpredictable and violent offenders requiring high intensity treatment. What makes the group stand out is their ability to offer genuine commitment to offender care and establishing effective cross boundary teamwork with voluntary and statutory agencies.

Commendations 2008/09

Multifaith Chaplaincy Team

HMP Canterbury

HMP Canterbury has an extremely diverse population and the Chaplaincy team there work as an integrated team, sharing the pastoral load and generic duties, to enable them to meet the religious needs of all prisoners, whatever their faith. They are a dedicated and close-knit team widely respected by prisoners and staff.

Falkirk Community Service Team

Falkirk Criminal Justice Social Work

The Falkirk Community Service Team have taken a creative and collaborative approach to the development and implementation of new educational and training opportunities to enable offenders’ to gain meaningful and rewarding employment on completion of their orders.

Helen Dale

Greater Manchester Pobation Area

When Helen joined the probation service in 1999 she was the first openly transgendered member of staff. She has championed understanding of and support for transgendered staff and offenders and has helped NOMS to make great strides in developing its thinking and practices in this critical and often over-looked area.

Timothy Mayhew

HMP Grendon / Spring Hill

Tim has been head of the Catering and NVQ Centre at Grendon and Spring Hill for 11 years. Constantly pushing the boundaries, he has introduced and seeks to continually improve culturally diverse catering across both establishments, as well as developing and engaging prisoners with vocational training and qualifications. His work is widely appreciated by both staff and prisoners.

Channel Ports Community Payback Team

Kent Probation Area

The Channel Ports Community Payback Team supports local needs in restoring historic buildings while contributing to cross-government carbon reduction initiatives and providing vocational training for the offenders involved. It has recently installed the first hydro-electric plants of its kind in the South East in Kent’s only remaining working water mill.

Conservation Team

HMP Kirkham

The Conservation team at HMP Kirkham have transformed a 25 acre neglected area of land into a wildlife sanctuary. The scheme employs prisoners full time with vocational training available through links to Myerscough College. The team has also engaged with local schools to enhance links between the prison and local education services.

Hazel Flannigan

HMP Maghaberry

Hazel is a unique individual who, having lost her sight, now works on a voluntary basis in the Braille Unit at HMP Maghaberry. She is an inspiration to both prisoners and staff in the way she handles her own disability and in the quiet support and encouragement she gives to others.

Outreach Mentors

Nottinghamshire Probation Area

The Outreach Mentors scheme at Nottinghamshire Probation is unique in employing former offenders to provide support, guidance and positive role models to offenders on Community Orders – and required a courageous change in probation employment policy to allow it to go ahead.

Robert Hastings

Scottish Prison Service HQ

Rob Hastings is the Equality & Diversity manager for the Scottish Prison Service and is an extremely dedicated and committed individual. Rob has great enthusiasm in a demanding role and has been influential in driving through policy nationally and locally, ensuring legal compliance and challenging and changing the perceptions of others.

Castlemilk Community Timebank Team

HMP Shotts

The team at HMP Shotts have developed links with a local community “time bank” in which people can exchange their time and skills with others, without money changing hands. At Shotts, prisoners’ time spent in voluntary work (such as the Listeners) is “banked” on behalf of the elderly and infirm so that they can “buy” help from other members of the scheme. This innovative idea is now being looked at across the Scottish Estate.

Beverly Leigh & Glenn Makin

HMYOI Thorn Cross

Beverley and Glenn helped to introduce a peer mentoring scheme at Thorn Cross in association with the NSPCC and Childline, as part of the establishment’s safer custody strategy. The scheme has made a significant contribution to helping young people struggling to cope with being in custody.

Nigel Western

HMYOI Thorn Cross

Nigel works on his own in the Custody 2 Work office at Thorn Cross. A conscientious and methodical worker, Nigel leaves no stone unturned in supporting young men into work on release and has forged excellent community links to help change lives.

Bernard Tindall and Anne Sweeney

HMYOI Thorn Cross

Anne and Bernard are art tutors at Thorn Cross who, through their commitment and enthusiasm, have helped to unlock the artistic potential of prisoners at all levels of ability and built links with outside agencies including the Tate Gallery, Liverpool and the Halle Orchestra. A recent exhibition marking a visit from HRH The Princess Royal is now on display in Warrington Town Hall.

John Morrison

HMP Wakefield

John has worked as a tailoring instructor for more than 30 years and is recognised by staff and prisoners for his quiet and unassuming dedication to supporting high risk offenders and providing them with vocational training and qualifications. In addition, the quality of the work produced in his workshop has led to many submissions and prizes in the annual Koestler Awards.

The Westgate Project

West Yorkshire Probation Area / HM Prison Service, Yorkshire and Humberside.

The Westgate Project is a joint prison/probation initiative which provides a highly innovative and creative multi-disciplinary approach to the management of young male offenders in approved premises. Offenders are each given a Personal Link Worker who helps to ensure their needs are addressed to help them prepare for independent living.

Case Management Protocol (CMP) Team

HMP Wormwood Scrubs

The Case Management Protocol Team provides a multi-disciplinary, individualised approach to managing disruptive prisoners which allows them to be retained on normal location. This has led to a significant reduction in the number and severity of disruptive incidents across the establishment and provided increased opportunities for engaging in purposeful activities.


For more information about the good work recognised through our Award Scheme see under sharing good practice.